Moorings of up to 120m


We make available to customers yachts of +50 m, three moorings with a maximum capacity to moor yachts of up to 120 m. These moorings are located at the end of the marina, providing customers with total privacy, away from the eyes of others, as well as enviable manoeuvre space for docking/undocking. These moorings are equipped with the best services.

  • MY Radiant (110 m)
  • MY Palladium (96 m)
  • SY Aquijo (86 m)
  • MY Pacific (85 m)
  • MY Artefact (80 m)
  • MY Tango (77 m)
  • MY Pi (77 m)
  • MY Titania (73 m)
  • MY Quantum of Solace (72 m)
  • Y muchos otros.

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